Monday, April 16, 2012


The story of Round Robin 3 follows the misadventures of three snooty sheep, Fuzzy, Flounce, and Woolala. The three sheep are separated as the story progresses and each artist was tasked with illustrating a sheep's particular storyline.

For Round Robin 3 I had to illustrate Flounce's story line. First I had to come up with a unique look for Flounce. I imagined her to have an athletic and stocky build, but also be quick and agile on her feet.

In the middle of the story, Flounce crashes through a warehouse ceiling into a wrestling ring. For Round Robin 3 I wanted to try a more graphic approach to the paintings. Instead of just illustrating Flounce landing in a wrestling ring, I chose to really emphasize Flounce's crash landing and tried to simplify the image to show just that with these simple thumbnails:

Although the thumbnails are simple, I still wanted the illustration to be fun and full of energy. I experimented with colored tissue paper and found I could create a really colorful and interesting texture to paint on.

After laying down the base of color tissue paper and sealing it with matte medium, I painted large, simple shapes on top with gouache. I also added some gold and silver paper on top because it felt like confetti, or pieces of glass from Flounce's fall.

Now that the base is set, I put Flounce into the painting. To help her stand out, her wooly fur is made of cotton rag paper.

The end result is a graphic and abstract representation of a sheep colliding with a festive wrestling ring:

Check in next week, we have an announcement to make about our upcoming show in San Francisco!

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