Wednesday, July 11, 2012

ROUND ROBIN 3 and Limited Special Editions !

Thanks for the long wait, ROUND ROBIN 3 is now available online !

Also, exciting news to share, to celebrate the completion of our ROUND ROBIN series, we've made a Limited Slipcase Edition bookcase for the 3 books!

Throughout this year, we'll be gradually releasing 30 Limited Edition sets with all 3 books, signed and sketched, and each comes with an original bookplate painting (3.5 x 4.5") from one of us ! And, another 30 Slipcase Edition sets with just the 3 books (all signed and sketched!). 

Although unfortunately, we won't be able to attend the events in San Diego this year, to jump start the week of Tr!ckster and Comic-Con, we'll release 6 sets of the Limited Edition and 6 sets of the Slipcase Edition with the originals bookplates - 3 sets of each will only be available at TR!KSTER and Stuart Ng Books at Comic-Con(#5012)

Below are the 6 bookplate paintings for your preview. There will be more Limited Editions with paintings available at the end of the month, but the Special Edition sets will be available online next week! Please stay tuned...