Sunday, March 25, 2012


Now that our hearts have stopped racing from the excitement of last week's announcements, we'd like to slow things down for a moment and tell you a little bit about ROUND ROBIN 3 and its inception.

This final book maintains the spontaneous spirit of the first two installments, but it is also a departure. ROUND ROBIN 3 is based it on the same add-on word game, with a twist: instead of each artist adding a word to form a chain, each artist added a sentence to form a story.

As we were finishing the paintings for the second book we all felt that we wanted to try something different for the final collaboration, so we referenced classic fairy tale structures and improv games where the actors build upon each other's suggestions to create scenes.
This collaborative writing exercise proved much more difficult than we anticipated, because it was easy to lose track of where the story was going. We eventually had to follow a specific structure and we brought in our friend Liz Thiers to help edit the final draft and stylistically unify our three voices.
Once the writing process was finished, each one of us illustrated a sentence written by someone else, just like we did for the first two books.

Below you will find some early sketches that we did while still searching for ways to represent the 3 main characters of the story, three snooty tall sheep who live in a 12th floor apartment! Right off the bat each one of us was drawing the sheep differently, a diversity of style that we embraced and tried to maintain in the paintings as well, to keep the approach true to the collaborative and reactive nature of the project.

In the following weeks we'll share more art, process, and some extra special surprises, so please stay tuned.
We're very happy with how ROUND ROBIN 3 turned out, and we can't for you to read it in May!

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