Monday, February 13, 2012

Child + Web

When we first released the ROUND ROBIN books, without explaining much of them ahead of time, we hoped you'd have a fresh experience reading thFont sizerough the artwork and the word game. Hopefully, you also had fun interpreting and visualizing the words in your own way. Now, we are very curious of what you thought of the books, and would love to hear your thoughts ! Please drop us a line in the comment if you wish !

Also, in the next few weeks, we are going to take turns sharing some of our making of process for the two ROUND ROBIN books, please stay tuned !

" Child + Web "
by Jennifer C. Chang

Starting on the piece, " Child" and " Web" both words seemed to me to be very literal nouns, that I had a difficult time to break away from circling the convenient interpretations, like, a human child on a spider web ?...children forming a gymnastic pyramid ?... all too literal silly ideas.

Finally, I started to define "child" to be someone vulnerable or even tiny, it reminded me of Thumbelina. Growing up, I often wondered if it'd be quite an intimidating experience for Thumbelina to encounter a normal sized bird for the first time? I remembered some experimental paper birds I made a few years back for another personal project. Each bird was cut out from one small piece of white paper and minimally glued together. The pale paper birds had a little emotionless or unknown eerie quality to them... I imagined it could be frightening for someone like the size of Thumbelina to encounter a group of them on the street, walking and surrounding her in the middle of a sun-lit noon,... wordless it'd be hard to tell if they are friends or foes !

A little different from the first book, I tried different ways to explore flat patterns with compositions in ROUND ROBIN 2. Hope to use both abstract shapes and scenarios to interpret the words and the emotions out of their literal definitions. In this piece, I hoped to use the obscure paper bird shapes to create a physical "web", as well as the net like grids on the floor 'webbing' the tiny Thumbelina, who reaches high out to the sky, or maybe someone off frame...

For the fun of it, here is a very hand-made time lapse I tried to make from some phone photos i took in progress, cheers !