Wednesday, March 19, 2014

This Friday - Art to Heart: Philippine Typhoon Relief Fund Benefit Concert + Art Auction

This Friday night (3/21), 7:30~11:30pm, at The Uptown in Oakland,  
a benefit concert and art auction will be hosted to raise funds for those affected by Super Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda in the Philippines. The event is organized by a group of people in art, animation, film, and video game industries who care and focus on long-term aid in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan.

Many film makers and artists from Pixar have contributed their original artwork to the auction, including Pete Doctor, Ronnie del CarmenDice TsutsumiRicky Nierva, Paul Abadilla,...,and many many more!

And, certainly, ROUND ROBIN are back together, contributing our original bookplate paintings to the auction! Please come by and join the fun and help on the good cause!

The event is at:
The Uptown
1928 Telegraph AvenueOakland, CA.
$20 cover (Ages 21+)

Friday, October 12, 2012

Free Holiday Gift Wrap for ROUND ROBIN Slipcase Edition Sets and Holiday shipping! By this Sunday (12/16) Only!

Celebrating the upcoming holidays, any ROUND ROBIN box set orders made by this Sunday, Dec. 16, will be gift wrapped with a RR embossed card and shipped to you by the holidays!

The clothed bound Slipcase Edition Sets are available HERE. Each set includes all 3 ROUND ROBIN books, signed and sketched.

NEW ORIGINAL bookplate paintings are now available with the purchase of one of our Limited Edition Sets HERE. Each set includes all 3 ROUND ROBIN books, signed and sketched in, plus one original 3.5 x 4.5 bookplate painting, inside of our beautiful clothbound red case.They are sold on a first come first serve basis, so please email us and let us know which bookplate (A, B or C...) you would like to purchase -

* Note that the Box Sets are very limited. You can purchase a set without original art anytime, or with original art periodically as we make the paintings available online. Please check back often for new bookplate paintings, and get your box set today!


The Robins

ONLINE bookplate paintings 







Monday, October 8, 2012


Hello Round Robin friends!

We are very excited this week, because it is APE week!
We'll be back to the fun SF event, this weekend Oct. 13 - 14! Find us at tables 526, 527, 528 (see map below).

New this year is our latest book, ROUND ROBIN 3, as well as the ROUND ROBIN SPECIAL EDITION SETS, containing all 3 books in beautiful clothbound slipcases. Come get one early, as the numbers are limited. For our friends who cannot attend APE, you can always get our books on our webshop, and beginning this Thursday, we will have more Special Edition Sets available online.

Stay tuned for a few more updates later in the week.
See you at APE!


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

ROUND ROBIN 3 and Limited Special Editions !

Thanks for the long wait, ROUND ROBIN 3 is now available online !

Also, exciting news to share, to celebrate the completion of our ROUND ROBIN series, we've made a Limited Slipcase Edition bookcase for the 3 books!

Throughout this year, we'll be gradually releasing 30 Limited Edition sets with all 3 books, signed and sketched, and each comes with an original bookplate painting (3.5 x 4.5") from one of us ! And, another 30 Slipcase Edition sets with just the 3 books (all signed and sketched!). 

Although unfortunately, we won't be able to attend the events in San Diego this year, to jump start the week of Tr!ckster and Comic-Con, we'll release 6 sets of the Limited Edition and 6 sets of the Slipcase Edition with the originals bookplates - 3 sets of each will only be available at TR!KSTER and Stuart Ng Books at Comic-Con(#5012)

Below are the 6 bookplate paintings for your preview. There will be more Limited Editions with paintings available at the end of the month, but the Special Edition sets will be available online next week! Please stay tuned...

Monday, June 4, 2012

ROUND ROBIN at Galerie Arludik

ROUND ROBIN at Galerie Arludikhas officially kicked off in Paris on Thursday ! Merci beaucoup to everyone, we had a great opening reception, and got to meet many wonderful people in Paris ! And special thanks to Diane and Jean-Jacques at Galerie Arludik who made ROUND ROBIN exhibition possible !

The exhibition will be up for one more week- till 6/9, this will be the best and last time you'd see all the originals together, please come by if you got a chance ! Meanwhile, all the pieces can be viewed and available on Arludik's website here

*Due to the inconsistent Internet connection on our trip, our apology for the delayed thanks, we'll post more photos from the reception once we're back !

Monday, May 21, 2012


By Liz Thiers
ROUND ROBIN 3 represented a departure from ROUND ROBIN and ROUND ROBIN 2 since Dani, Jenn, and Katy were no longer working with stand-alone words, but sentences.  The trick was to create a narrative out of fifteen sentences composed by three alternating authors.  When I came into the process, Dani, Katy, and Jenn had created several different story lines.  Each story line started with one artist writing a sentence out of the blue, then all three took turns adding sentences, wildly exploring the possibilities of the new world...  The results were visually stimulating but not always compact nor consistent: most of the story lines didn't feature a strong arc or ending.

The first step was to decide which story to purse...  The thread about sheep walking tightropes was too exciting to pass up!  However this thread was not completed yet: I watched as Dani, Jenn, and Katy sat around Katy's kitchen table and finished the game.  Katy tried to guess where Dani was headed based on her sentence, but ultimately added her own sentence that contributed something unique and exciting to the story.  Jenn repeated the process, trying to guess Katy's intentions.  We ended up with three very different sheep, each of the artists weaving one of their tales after the sisters fell off their tightrope.

Though Dani brought Fuzzy to life on paper, she ended up illustrating Woolala's adventures.  As in ROUND ROBIN books 1 and 2, the artist was not allowed to work with words she contributed.  I thought the matchmaking was prophetic, since I saw much of the artist manifested in her assigned sheep.  I also think the story parallels the Robins' journey in delightful ways.  I'd never call Dani, Jenn, and Katy "snooty" or "tall" (well OK, maybe Dani), but they were certainly forced outside their comfort zone by this project, just like Fuzzy, Flounce, and Woolala.

But how to tie all three sheep's stories together again?  Of fifteen sentences, the first four were dedicated to setting the scene, describing the characters, and imparting the "inciting incident."  The next nine sentences detailed the fate of each sheep separately, creating three alternating character arcs.  Now that the sheep sisters were no longer dependent on each other, how could I resolve their separate stories in just 2 sentences?  They needed to collectively reject their old way of life in favor of their new one, and they needed to do so quickly...

I spent a few weeks drafting various versions of the last two lines.  I would only spend a half hour with the story at a time, tweaking the last two lines till I had several versions to show Dani, Jenn, and Katy.  They chose the variation they liked best and it was off to the races!

Monday, May 14, 2012

ROUND ROBIN exhibition at Galerie Arludik

In 2 weeks we're flying to Paris for our ROUND ROBIN exhibition at Galerie Arludik

This exhibition consists of the 45 original paintings from all 3 ROUND ROBIN books, plus 30 original bookplate paintings. It will be the first and only time to see all 3 series of paintings displayed side-by-side, in the order of the word game. We hope the exhibition will spark your imagination!

Galerie Arludik is one of the first galleries dedicated to the art of animation, film, comics, and illustration...We're thrilled to partner with Diane and Jean-Jacques Launier to display 3 years worth of personal work. The gallery is located on Ile St Louis in the center of Paris:

The exhibition will run from 5/29 to 6/9, opening with a reception on Thursday 5/31 from 18:30-21:30pm.

If you will be in Paris or in Europe that week, we hope to see you at the opening!  And if you can't make it to the show in person, all the artwork will be available on Galerie Arludik's website starting 5/29: please stay tuned !

To make the promo we've worked closely with many talented and brilliant people. Their expertise and generous help has made it all possible. We'd like to give credit to:

Editor and Original Music - Zach Johnston
Motion Graphics - Craig Foster | Zach Johnston
Camera - Tony Kaplan | James Robertson
Producer - Elizabeth Thiers